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Elèna Ruyter

Washington, DC |

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My journey as a designer began in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, where I spent two years working as an economic development volunteer after completing my BA in art and Islamic Studies at Swarthmore College. As a volunteer, I was constantly being challenged to ask the right questions, build on existing solutions and learn quickly and efficiently from failures. It was this continuous process that pushed me to want to study social innovation through design thinking and human centered design.

After completing my two year master’s program in Integrated Product Design (IPD) at the University of Pennsylvania, I started work as a designer in the financial technology world, a role that presents new challenges for me. My current work is giving me new perspective on how design can be leveraged to create meaningful changes in financial structures for people and communities near and far.

When I’m not depleting the world’s reserve of post-it notes, I can be found stumbling through an ambitious recipe, training capoeira or parkour, getting lost in a creative project or becoming reacquainted my classical guitar skills.