Role: User Research Lead, Design Research and Ideation | Team of 3 | Client: Ongoing thesis project| Timeline: September 2018-May 2019

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With the strain of a growing population and an unsustainable global food economy, it is critical that we find new ways to innovate within the domain of food production. Micro agriculture is a solution with the potential to create more food autonomy for people worldwide. (This is an ongoing design project and our team is still within the early stages of ideation)

What is Micro Agriculture?

  • Fewer than 5 acres cultivated

  • Typically suburban or urban setting

  • Focused on specific crops

  • Lower yield

  • Controlled

How might we increase and optimize the usage of micro agricultural food production solutions amongst the general public?

User Interviews

We spoke to a range of people with experience in micro agriculture to try and better understand peoples’ relationship to this specialized type of farming

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Our research led us to understand the people’s relationship to plants and growing is more complex and has more depth than we imagined

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Design Criteria

These insights led us to five criteria that guided our ideation around micro agricultural solutions that optimize and broaden use for the general public


Next Steps

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