Role Designer and builder | Team Individual Project | Timeline September 2017-December 2017 | Client Co-Lab competition at the PMA



Brief: Design a  a piece for furniture for a particular room that provides storage.

The Product

Built to satisfy the needs of the modern family, Cradle is an elegant upgrade for storing the fragile and precious objects. With flexible waves suspended between two embracing end pieces, Cradle gently but securely hugs anything from porcelain dish-ware to something as delicate as an egg, keeping everything safe from bumps and vibrations.

Cradle’s ‘shelves’ are made from high density closed cell black foam, a material that is both elastic and has great tensile strength. The waves are held in place by wooden end pieces on each and spaced by suspended bass rods  running from end to end.


Early Concept Sketches


The earliest conception of Cradle (left) came out of an exploration of how organic forms can be integrated into the home and used as storage. The original concept called for Cradle to be a large scale installation that would be mounted on a wall in the home. After further exploration and the creation of the first prototype, it became clear that Cradle needed to be at a smaller scale and horizontally oriented. These concept sketches (right) were an exploration of how the waves in Cradle would attach to the frame and how the whole assembly would attach to the wall.

First Prototype

The first prototype of Cradle was built using wood, MDF and brass rods. The MDF is cut into flexible 'living hinges' using a laser cutter. the model is 13" x 9".